Temporary Heater Rentals

We carry a wide selection of equipment including electric, indirect, and direct heaters. Need a specific fuel source? Our temporary heater rentals operate on diesel, propane, natural gas or electric.

Let us know your heating goals, and we will determine the most cost effective solution to your temporary heat needs. We are experts in this field so rest assured you are in great hands. Have a question about our portable heaters? Contact us using the contact us form or call us at 1-800-748-2289.

 There is no job to big or too small for us. Our promise to you is to never leave you will equipment that you don’t know how to operate.
Electric heater rentals are used for many reasons including ease of use and installation, 100% clean heat, they are flameless, they don’t add moisture to your environment, and they are in most cases easily maneuverable.
Direct fired heater rentals are perfect for warehouses, construction site heat, large, enclosed open spaces, outdoor spaces, tents, mechanic shops, and industrial spaces.
Indirect fired heater rentals will not add moisture or CO to the air. They will only provide you with fresh, clean, dry air. These units can sit outside of your space while the hot air is ducted into the space where you need it.
Construction heater rentals provide you the most bang for the buck because they convert nearly 100% of the fuel source to useable heat for your space. Every unit is UL and/or CSA rated for safety of operation.

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