Swamp Coolers Are Perfect For:

Auto Repair Shops
Tennis Courts

Waiting Areas
Stadium Sidelines
Practice Fields
Laundry Areas

Outdoor Swimming Pools
Assembly Lines
Golf Driving Ranges

A great alternative to air conditioning, evaporative cooler rentals and swamp cooler rentals can effectively drop the temperature of the air by as much as 20˚ by simple technology using water and electricity.

Unlike misting fan rentals, swamp cooler rentals or evaporative cooler rentals do not spray mist into the air and do not get people or objects wet, no matter how close you are to the units.

These units operate on 110/120V outlets.

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OnSite HVAC Rentals is a Woman-Owned small business providing emergency and planned portable air conditioning and temporary heating rental equipment. We also offer dehumidifiers, outdoor cooling rental equipment, and traffic barriers.

We service the Northeast Corridor, from New York to Washington D.C. This includes locations along routes from:

•Washington D.C.







•South Jersey

•Central Jersey

•The Jersey Shore

•North Jersey

•New York City

and it’s five boroughs

Often times we are asked to provide rental equipment in North and Central Pennsylvania too. We are happy to oblige no matter where your need is.

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