Portable Air Conditioners & Spot Coolers are perfect for:

Data Center
Retail Locations

Post Offices
Day Cares
Assisted Living Facilities
Cold Storage

Assembly Lines
Elementary School, High Schools, Universities, and Colleges

Spot coolers have been around for decades. These small, maneuverable, and portable air conditioners are the simple solution to your temporary problems. Installation is quick and easy. Our experienced staff at OnSite HVAC Rentals can quickly walk you through the installation process or ask us to install your spot cooler rental for you on site.

These temporary air conditioner rentals often act as a contingency plan to building HVAC maintenance or when additional people or heat generating equipment, like computers, have been added to a space. Spot cooler rentals provide great temporary, seasonal, emergency, short term or long term rental solutions to your business’ needs so there is no downtime. OnSite HVAC Rentals will work with your team to determine the correct portable spot coolers or portable air condition rental needed to meet the requirements for your job situation. Whether your job is planned or an emergency, we are available!

Due to the size and weight of our equipment, we do not provide residential service.

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