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OnSite HVAC rentals provides portable and temporary air conditioners and spot coolers for commercial and industrial applications.
We offer a full range of temporary heaters and heating equipment including electric, propane, natural gas, and diesel units.
Portable and industrial fan rentals help to circulate air. Alternatives to air conditioning a large space are using a Swamp Cooler or Evaporative Cooler.
OnSite HVAC Rentals offers the right dehumidifier for your commercial and industrial needs. Call to discuss your job.
(HEPA Air Filtration) provide high volume performance filtration of airborne contaminants in a wide range of applications.
We can deliver onsite within 2 hours (depending on location) & are able to react swiftly and accurately to any temporary climate control need.

OnSite HVAC Rentals is dedicated to providing the best and most reliable equipment in the industry today. We provide you with professional service and reliable equipment whenever and wherever you need it. Our business is dedicated to providing our customers with 24 hour emergency service and cooling people and environments quietly, effectively, and quickly. Solving cooling, heating, humidity, and moisture related issues is our focus.

Whether your project is an emergency or a planned event, we have the equipment you need and the experience it takes to get the job done right. The majority of our air conditioning equipment, heating units, and dehumidifiers are portable and ready to roll into any area, bringing relief to equipment, people, processes, and buildings of all types and sizes, either completed or under construction. Our solutions are designed for any situation including server rooms, hospitals, industrial plants, schools, and offices. Indoors or out, no matter what the application, you can rely on a portable air conditioner or portable heating solutions from OnSite HVAC Rentals.

From our fully stocked warehouses, we are able to react swiftly and accurately to any temporary climate control need. When things get too hot, too cold, or moisture and excess humidity are a problem, our staff of friendly, knowledgeable experts can help solve those difficult and frustrating situations through the use of our cost effective portable solutions.

We are always available and only a phone call away at 800-748-2289, or use our contact form for quick answers to your portable air conditioning and heating needs.

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