Spot Cooler Rentals

Spot Cooler Rentals

Spot cooler rentals are simple to install and can used for many reasons in commercial, industrial, and construction applications.
Data Center Cooling Rentals

Data Center Cooling Rentals

We carry everything you need to keep your data centers and server banks at stable temperatures and are on call for data center temperature emergencies.
Event Cooling Rentals

Event Cooling Rentals

We aim to meet your desired temperature with our event air conditioning rentals.

Air conditioner rentals can be used for many reasons in commercial, industrial, and construction applications. We carry all sized portable air conditioners, spot coolers, portable ac equipment, and temporary chillers ready and on call to be delivered to your location. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Emergency service is available every day & every night. You will always speak to someone who can make your delivery happen, no phone transfers, and certainly no “hold please” while your stress level is running high. Just tell us about your air conditioning problem or emergency and let us determine the appropriate portable air conditioning rental for you.

Our portable air conditioner rentals are small and compact, easy to install, and cost efficient to operate, either on a seasonal or short term applications. Portable air conditioning rentals are typically required when your building or office space’s air conditioning unit fails, or is lacking in delivering cooling power. This malfunction cannot stop your business from operating. Portable air conditioners or spot coolers will have you back up and running cool in minutes. Whether this is a temporary solution or a permanent solution, you minimize your down time with OnSite HVAC Rentals.

OnSite HVAC Rentals provides portable air conditioning rentals and spot coolers rentals to the public and private sector. We are an honest, straightforward portable air conditioning and other HVAC rental equipment company without all the red tape of some large companies. We provide personalized service to all of our customers. You are never an account number to us.

About Us

OnSite HVAC Rentals is a Woman-Owned small business providing emergency and planned portable air conditioning and temporary heating rental equipment. We also offer dehumidifiers, outdoor cooling rental equipment, and traffic barriers.

We service the Northeast Corridor, from New York to Washington D.C. This includes locations along routes from:

•Washington D.C.







•South Jersey

•Central Jersey

•The Jersey Shore

•North Jersey

•New York City

and it’s five boroughs

Often times we are asked to provide rental equipment in North and Central Pennsylvania too. We are happy to oblige no matter where your need is.

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