Dehumidifier Rentals are commonly rented by:

Construction Sites
Retail Locations
Flooded Job Sites
Data Center

Day Cares
Assisted Living Facilities
Elementary School, High Schools, Universities, and Colleges
Cold Storage

Assembly Lines
Post Offices

Our dehumidifier rental equipment is great at removing moisture from your environment. Controlling moisture levels in the air will keep mold, mildew, and allergens away. It will remove moisture from your space so that you can lay flooring, install finish work, apply adhesives, and much more. Acclimating your space to a “normal” humidity level will alleviate costly issues down the road. These issues include nail pops in drywall, shrunken finish work, warped flooring, inadequate adhesion to product, and condensation built up. Adding industrial fan rentals and/or floor fan rentals will also improve circulation, thus increasing drying time. Contact us for an immediate response.

Our dehumidifier rental equipment is simple to use. Run the included condensate hose to either a drain or outside (the internal pump can pump condensate up over 12ft verticals), plug the units into 110V power, and turn the unit on. We always provide you with new air filters for each unit to avoid cross contamination.

Small or large rooms, moisture in the air or water/liquid saturated area, we have the right equipment for you. Cleaning up after a burst water pipe or a flood doesn’t have to be a headache. Having the proper air quality conditions for your build doesn’t have to delay your project. Let us help you plan ahead. Contact us so that we can help.

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    About Us

    OnSite HVAC Rentals is a Woman-Owned small business providing emergency and planned portable air conditioning and temporary heating rental equipment. We also offer dehumidifiers, outdoor cooling rental equipment, and traffic barriers.

    We service the Northeast Corridor, from New York to Washington D.C. This includes locations along routes from:

    •Washington D.C.







    •South Jersey

    •Central Jersey

    •The Jersey Shore

    •North Jersey

    •New York City

    and it’s five boroughs

    Often times we are asked to provide rental equipment in North and Central Pennsylvania too. We are happy to oblige no matter where your need is.

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