Refrigerated Trailer Rentals are perfect for:

Catering & Hospitality Businesses
Concession Trailers
Weddings & Parties
Family Reunions
Sporting Events & Tailgating
Exhibition & Trade Shows

Temporary or Additional Cold Storage for Restaurants
Faith Based Organizations
Hunting Trailers
Fish & Seafood Storage & Transport
Outdoor Events

Disaster Relief
Emergency Services
Flower Growers
Horticultural Transportation
Fast Food Chains
Seasonal Vendors for Parks, Camp Sites, and Fairs
Food Processors

Our Mobile ColdBox refrigerated trailer rentals are a simple solution for when you need portable cold storage. Whether it be a planned event, like a wedding or festival, or an emergency situation where the power has gone out and a restaurant or hospital needs cold storage so things don’t spoil, OnSite has you covered.

Our trailers are heavily insulated with 4″ of deep cavity spray foam on the floor, ceiling, walls, and doors.  This ensures the contents of your Mobile ColdBox maintain the set temperature.

Temperature can be set from 10°F to 50°F and operate on a standard 120V outlet with a dedicated 15A circuit.  The power cord length is 50’ (feet).  All of our rentals have an optional onboard generator for areas where house power is not available and generator power is required.  Our 3500 super quiet inverter generator will typically run the Mobile ColdBox refrigerated trailer approximately 10 hours on one tank.  If temperatures remain mild and the trailer is not left in direct sunlight the run time could be up to 15 hours on one tank.  Auxiliary tanks can be provided upon request.

The doors are a Double Cambar Locking System and can be pad locked.

Interior lighting consists of a bright LED bulb controlled by a switch located outside on the refrigerator unit for safety and convenience.

The floor is a one piece rubber coin floor that runs up the walls approximately 12”.

To keep the cold air in the refrigerated trailer there are hinged 2 piece air curtains that can be folded out of the way to the sides or kept open to retain the cold air inside the trailer when the doors are open.

The walls are 100% Waterproof, fiberglass and VOC free, and do not support mold, mildew, or bacteria growth.  They are USDA compliant and CFIA approved.

Call us to place your reservation or order for same day delivery! Our units will arrive ready to cool, cleaned thoroughly on the inside with a restaurant/medical grade disinfectant cleaner and a clean appearance on the outside. Our delivery driver will set up your Mobile ColdBox, temporary OnSite portable cooler or freezer equipment, connecting it to house power or the onboard generator, provide instructions for safe starting and stopping, as well as recommend best operating practices. All you need to do is load is your perishables and you have mobile

We offer daily, weekly or monthly rentals.


Refrigerated Trailer Rental

Interior Dimensions: 6′ 2″ H x 11′ 2″ L x 6′ 1″ W

Exterior Dimensions of Insulated Storage:  7’ 1” H x 12’ L x 7’ W

Exterior Dimensions of Trailer Including the Tongue: 7’ 1” H x 16’ L x 7’ W

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