Spot coolers are portable, stand-alone air conditioning units. They have all of the major components of larger AC units, but they’re compact and maneuverable. Since they can easily be moved from room-to-room (and they’re affordable) they’re a great way to handle a number of complicated cooling problems.

Spot coolers are a solid backup if your main AC unit malfunctions.  They can also be used in equipment rooms that need to be kept at a consistent temperature. And they’re perfect for buildings without enough power to cool a particular room or space without assistance.

How do spot coolers work?

Spot coolers operate by drawing in ambient air through the return, which then passes over a closed-loop coil containing refrigerant. That reduces temperature and humidity. The cold air is then pumped back out into the room through the supply.

Removing the condensation is easy. Mid-sized and large units come with a condensate pump connected to a hose, which can be directed into a nearby drain or outdoors. In smaller units, the condensate is drained into an attached bucket. When the bucket fills, it’ll temporarily shut the spot cooler off, allowing you to empty the bucket then continue operation. Smaller units also have the option for a condensate pump to be added as long as you run the condensate hose to a drain. If you don’t have a drain accessible, the built-in bucket is your only option for drainage.

Spot coolers range in sizes and have different power requirements. Our most common spot coolers work on a standard electrical outlet. Meanwhile, our larger units (3, 5 and 12 tons) require an electrician to wire the receptacle and corresponding electrical breakers. Let us know the number of outlets, voltage, and power available at your location, and we’ll make sure you get the perfect solution.

Just like a window air conditioner, our portable spot coolers exhaust hot air. Our portable ACs are designed for the hot, dry air to be ducted into a drop ceiling (also known as a plenum.) That’s the space between the drop ceiling and the subfloor or roof above. Each spot cooler rental from our company comes with the duct and ceiling tile required for this function.

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